Our Purpose

The purpose of Faith break is simply to remind you that God loves you no matter what and that Jesus is beside you in all situations…  It’s simple yet complicated!  The hope of Faith Break is that you will find encouragement in your daily life because of the hope that is found in faith in God.  Of Course, as a United Methodist pastor, I always want to remind you that the United Methodist Church welcomes you with “Open Hearts… Open Minds… Open Doors.”        


Hello there!

Why do I write and record Faith Break?    What is it that drives me to keep this up month after month?  I give the credit to the power of the Holy Spirit but some of you might say that I do it because I’m crazy and that I am…  crazy about Jesus and crazy about you!  In fact, one of the first Faith Breaks I recorded way back in 1997 was “Jesus is just Alright With Me”  using the Doobi Brothers Classic Rock Hit as an illustration.  I want Jesus and you to meet each other and to have a personal relationship no matter where you are and what you are doing.  That is what makes hearing Faith Break on the radio so perfect!  Faith Break is simply a reminder that God loves you and is always by your side no matter what is going on or how you are feeling…  God understands…

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God Bless You,

Rev. Carol 

Faith Break is passionate about helping people enhance their relationship with God.