Don't be in such a hurry!

It happens so quickly. You drive down the highway toward your destination and you miss seeing something of beauty because you are in a hurry.  Riding through Sinking Valley, PA near Tyrone you pass by Arch Spring.  People drive past it every day and don’t notice it.  It’s always been there and it doesn’t seem special…. Pretty but not special…. Or is it? 

There used to be a village here called Arch Spring.  It got its name because the arch reminded folks of the famous Natural Bridge in Virginia.  Arch Spring is the eighth largest spring in Pennsylvania.  If you hike the trail upstream you come to the source, the actual spring, and the opening to Tytoona Cave which is one of the most significant caves in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Its rooms are submerged in water.  Who knew?

Why am I telling you all of this about a spring and a cave?  It has occurred to me that we pass by many treasures in our everyday lives and give them no notice.  Wonderful people and places here and there! 

The Source of Tytoona Cave is a spring called Arch.  The source of our lives is called God who gave us His Son Jesus Christ for our salvation.   The power behind all the good we do is called Holy Spirit.  Sometimes we are too busy to acknowledge the source that makes us who we are…  and that is too bad because God is never too busy to remember who we are.

Jesus said this about the Holy Spirit “…Let anyone who is thirsty come to me, and let the one who believes in me drink.  As the scripture has said, Out of the believer’s heart shall flow rivers of living water.”   John 7:37-38NRSV

Out of our hearts flow the rivers of love and compassion so others will come to know Jesus in their lives.

Do I hear an Amen?