Hello from the Kernel

The Kernel welcomes you to 2016 and Faith Break.  It has been a busy time in Rev. Carol’s study since the web page first appeared in August 2015.  The Faith Break fan page on Facebook appeared at the same time and RC (Rev. Carol) has spent more time on the fan page than the web site.  Shame on her.  The good news is that she is back and the promises to post at least once a month on the web site.  Let’s see how she does. 

FaithBreak is in its nineteenth year and owes its success to you as you have become part of the team that spreads the Good News of Jesus Christ.  You are faithful listeners, prayer partners and voices for Faith Break.  Without you, this ministry of telling folks about Jesus would have failed long ago.  Let’s take time to explore the web page this month.  Listen to the radio spots and check out who are partners.  You just might be surprised!  I have to update the partners page, but I’m on it this weekend.  You can contact me with your ideas for spots, tell me how Faith Break has helped you spiritually and you can donate to the Faith Break radio ministry and join me in producing and airing the devotional spots.  I am truly excited that you are working with me and that Faith Break is meaningful to you as you travel through this life.   I continue to learn as I read and also as I visit the pages of my friends on Facebook.