Jesus, God and Love

Jesus God and Love

My dad was a United Methodist pastor.  As preacher’s kids, my five brothers and sisters and I were expected to set perfect examples of how kids should behave.  Well, we set examples alright, examples of how most kids behave.  However, one of the tests that we were put through was that we had to explain to dad, in one sentence, what he had preached about in his sermon that Sunday morning.  We would line up and each take our turn of giving our report.  I was next to the oldest and dad always saved me for last.  I always had my pet answer ready while my brothers and sisters fumbled for something, anything, to say. Surprisingly, they never stole it from me!  I don’t know if it was fear or respect but everyone waited for me to tell dad one more time that his sermon was about “Jesus, God and Love!”  Worked every time and every time it was true. Dad would throw his head back and roar with laughter… Of course, it was the answer he was looking for!  That is the answer about life that we are all looking for.

That is what Faith Breaks are all about.  Together, we are telling people that life is all about “Jesus, God and Love.”  Faith Break is not all about me but I still feel like that “Big Sister” who is reminding you to remind others of our mission to tell it like it is.  Jesus, God and Love are the basic truths that sustain us on this life journey.  Thank you for being a Faith Break Fan, for listening to Faith Break on the radio and the web page and for financially supporting YOUR ministry. 

Wow, I just love being your Big Sister in Christ!  Remember, it’s always about Jesus, God and Love!

Rev. Carol