What We Leave Behind

What We Leave Behind

It was a blizzard!  I looked out my study window and couldn’t see anything but a curtain of snow.  In a way it was nice because we were not to leave the house unless it was an emergency so we had a snow day to read a good book, watch old movies or nap.  It didn’t work out quite that way because some of us decided that since we were trapped in the house we could get at some of those chores we have been putting off.  I cleaned and polished my kitchen cabinet doors until I could see myself in them.  While I was busy doing that, there was activity going on outside that I couldn’t see.  The next morning, after it stopped snowing, I was amazed to see deer tracks all over my yard. A crow was strutting around looking for his morning treat of bread crust that my husband tosses out and there were cat tracks right up to our doorstep.  All these were evidence that we had had visiters during the storm. 

Sometimes our lives seem like blizzards. There is so much happening at one time that we can hardly focus on what is happening at the moment.  Work, family, school and shoveling snow are just a few examples.  When all is said and done, I’m wondering what evidence we will leave behind for future generations.  Will our faith shine through like footprints in the snow that will show that we were able to weather the storms of life? Will future generations remember how God guided us through tough times in the 21st century and how God rejoiced with us during the amazing times when we witnessed miracles happening all around us? 

Look around today and see the wonders of the world and rejoice.  Go out and leave some footprints in life so that people who come after us will see that “The joy of the Lord is our strength” (Nehemiah 8:10 NRSV).

God Bless You!

Rev. Carol