Life Happens - Update on Faith Break and Rev. Carol

 Yes, we are both alive and well even though you haven’t heard from us in months. I should be ashamed of myself for neglecting this webpage but I am not. My plate has been too full but  with Faith Break Radio and Facebook Fan Page ministries. I also have new responsibilities with The Order of Saint Luke which is a delight for me. More about that later.  

A friend of mine, Rev. Andy Morgan, preached a sermon two weeks ago that hit home with me. He talked about prayer and how we should be careful what we pray for and also to reminded us that, contrary to our own thoughts, not one of us is perfect. It reminded me of when I walked across the stage at Annual Conference on my first retirement, and Bishop Neil Irons put his arm around me and said, “God isn’t finished with you yet”. I thought he meant that God had more work for me to do but now I realize that what he really said was, “God isn’t finished dealing with you yet, you are a piece of work.”

So here I am, back again and more excited about Faith Break than ever. Since I last posted, I have celebrated 20 years of continuous broadcasting “Seeds of Hope” in Central PA and also celebrated my forth retirement from appointed pulpit supply with parties all around. What a blessing to be loved! Thank you everyone.

The Bible verse that I live by is from the Apostle Paul’s letter to young Timothy. “I am grateful to Christ Jesus our Lord, who has strengthened me, because he judged me faithful and appointed me to his service.”      

It has been a very wet summer so far. Flower beds are chocking with weeds, but we are close to God in the garden, and grass is growing by the second. We are preparing to host my family reunion at our “Bellwood Estate” in September and days are too short!

That’s Life! 

God Bless You. God is always present in our daily living.

Your Sister in Christ,

Rev. Carol