Jesus said, "Let everyone with ears listen" (Luke 4:8) Are you listening?

Saint Luke tells us that Jesus liked to teach people by telling stories. One of those stories takes place in the Gospel according to Saint Luke, Chapter 8 beginning with verse 4. Jesus talks about a sower who went out to plant his seeds by scattering them by hand (broadcasting).  Some seeds fell where they had plenty of good soil and could take root while others fell on shallow ground and could not take root and grow.  Then there were those that landed in such crowded places that there was no room to grow at all. Faith Break messages are like throwing seeds of hope out into the world. I am amazed from the stories you tell me how these little reminders of Jesus’ love have encouraged and reminded you that we have an awesome God. Thank you for telling me your stories. You remind me of Jesus’ love and you encourage me too! It’s a circle!    

Faith Break has been broadcasting seeds of hope for twenty one years. We entered  year  twenty two  in October,  2018. I remember the early years when we taped using cassettes.  Every time I made a mistake we had to start recording from the beginning. Can you imagine how long it could take with constant… “Wait a minute, let’s try that again” interruptions? I had to plan a half a day to record eight sixty second spots. The patience of Pat and Adam was amazing. Some people said we would never make it past that first month but the next month came and the next until we began counting years. My heart is great big when I stop and give God thanks for all he has accomplished for all of us. Faith Break continues to broadcast on three stations, Classic Rock, Mix and Oldies but Goodies twice a day five days a week Monday through Friday. We are computerized now.  Pat and I enter the studio to record… fifteen or twenty minutes later, we are finished (sometimes leaving us with time for lunch) leaving  Doug to polish everything up and makes me sound good  going on the air. It takes a team and I am grateful for everyone on that team. We all consider it a ministry.

Jesus called out after teaching this story about the sower broadcasting his seeds with , “Let anyone with ears to hear listen!”  

Thanks for listening!


Rev. Carol